University of the Azores
Dept. of Oceanography and Fisheries

Sperm Whale Research Program
The Sperm Whale
T. Arnbon Photo

Sperm Whale
(Physeter macrocephalus)

Argos Number: 00795
Data Table - Argos Number: 00795

00795 Date: 22.5.98 18:17:00 - (Tagged)
Lat1: 38.303N Long1: 28.3251W

00795 Date: 22.05.98 21:35:10
Lat1: 38.696N Lon1: 28.655W

00795 Date: 23.5.98 09:32:31 LC: 0
Lat1: 38.288N Lon1: 28.799W

00795 Date: 23.5.98 21:09:47 LC: B
Lat1: 38.536N Lon1: 29.633W

00795 Date: 24.05.98 05:57:56 LC:0
Lat1: 38.561N Lon1: 29.349W

Sample Questions and Activities--

1. How far do sperm whales travel a day? (Average)
2. How far did they travel since their initial tagging?
3. Why do you think they are traveling in a particular direction?
4. Why do whales/porpoises migrate?
5. What is the average rate of travel?
6. What other questions do you have regarding whale movements?
7. How would you find your answers?
8. What other information would you need?

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