WhaleNet/Bermuda '99
Research Reports


4/4/99 - A fine day on the water. Weather good with a mild 10 knots wind from the north and 1 to 3 foot seas. Sunny and clear.

We sighted about 12 to 14 humpbacks and chose to work with a group of six. We came close to attaching a satellite tag on one of the animals, but as luck would have it, the whale was just out of range for the optimum placement. See data sheet for the track.

4/5/99 - 30+ knot winds. No boat out.

4/6/99 - Another day of wind so we visited the researchers at the Bermuda Aquarium. They have some very interesting specimens of beaked whales and a fin whale skeleton. Their ocean tanks are beautiful.

They are also in the midst of a great study on species diversity, both on land and on the reef, and they are conducting an on-going sea turtle program.

4/7/99 - We got an early start but it was still windy and cool. We observed two humpbacks but they were taking ten minute dives with only two blows at the surface. We traveled on along the south shore of Bermuda until we observed a pair of humpbacks. Once again we came close and had some good views, but we did not get close enough to place a tag. Tomorrow, if the weather holds, we will try a 14 foot boat.

4/99 - The winds in Bermuda were steading this year. If we wanted to sail it would have been great, BUT it wasn't at all suitable to satellite tagging. If you check the sightings you can see that we observed a good number of humbacks migrating north, but the weather and sea conditions made it impossible to successfully attach a satellite tag.

We did get some good photos for identification and other sighting data, so the trip was a partial success.
Maybe next year.....sort of like the Red Sox!!


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