Picture of a humpback whale breaching the surface

WhaleNet Blubber Glove

Blubber Glove Activity
Curriculum Unit


Make your own blubber glove and discover how blubber works.


2 sturdy 1 quart size zip-lock bags
1 can of vegetable shortening such as Crisco
Duct tape
1 bucket of ice water

Partially fill one bag with shortening. Turn the second bag inside out and put it in the first bag. Zip the edges of the two bags together so that the shortening is enclosed between the two bags. Seal with duct tape to ensure that shortening stays in the bags/glove. You are now ready to use your blubber glove to find out how blubber works.

  1. Place your hand into the bucket of ice water.
  2. How long does it take for your hand to feel cold? _______________ (t1)
  3. Slip your hand into the blubber glove.
  4. Place that hand in the blubber glove into the ice water.
  5. How long does it take for your hand to get cold? _______________ (t2)
  6. Calculate the difference in time. (t2 - t1)
  7. Why do whales have blubber?
  8. Which whales do you think have the thickest blubber? Why?
  9. Devise other experiments using the blubber glove.


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