What route will Erden follow?

Globe Name _______________________________

Project 2: What route will Erden follow?

Online tools
(1) Data and Information page: http://www.oceanrowing.com/ErdenEruc_Pacific/dist.htm
(2) Distance Generator: http://www.indo.com/distance/
(3) Map Maker: http://www.aquarius.geomar.de/
(4) Analysis Tools page: http://whale.wheelock.edu/whalenet-stuff/Erden/ErdenTools.html
(5) Internet search engine such as Google: http://www.google.com
(6) OSCAR Surface Current Data: http://www.oscar.noaa.gov/datadisplay/
(7)Ocean Currents and Climate: http://earth.usc.edu/~stott/Catalina/Oceans.html
(8) Global Topographic Map and Daylight Map: http://www.fourmilab.ch/cgi-bin/uncgi/Earth/action?opt=-p&img=NOAAtopo.evif

Exercise 1: What surface currents will affect Erden's trip?

Given Map 1 of Erden's projected track, find the surface currents in the Pacific Ocean that will affect his travel. Research the surface currents in the Pacific using the library, text books or an Internet search engine, and then label their location and direction on a map of yours or on one of the maps given below.

Map 1: Erden's Projected Track

Map 2
Map 2: The World and the Oceans.

Exercise 2: Will these currents help his travels?

Find the velocity (speed) and direction of each of these currents using either the OSCAR Surface Current (6) link or other information sources that you can find on each of the currents.

You can use a data table like Table 1 below to compile your information.

Table 1: Surface Current

Current Name Velocity (Speed)
Units (________)

Will each on the currents that Erden passes through help or hinder his travels? How so?

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