How will Wind Affect ErdenÕs Travels?                                        


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Project 4: How will wind affect ErdenÕs travels?


Online tools

(1) Data and Information page:

(2) Distance Generator:

(3) Map Maker: 


(4) Analysis Tools page:

(5) Internet search engine such as Google:

(6) OSCAR Surface Current Data:

(7) Tropical Pacific Ocean Winds:

8) Ocean Currents and Climate:



Exercise 1: What wind currents will affect ErdenÕs trip


a) Given Map 1 of ErdenÕs projected track, find the wind currents in the Pacific Ocean that will affect his travel.  Research the wind currents in the Pacific using the library, text books, or an Internet search engine (Online Tools (7)), and then observe their location and direction and ErdenÕs location on a map of yours or on one of the maps given below.

(Sample map of wind on the pacific Ocean)


Exercise 2: Will these currents help his travels?


a) Find the velocity (speed) and direction of the wind at ErdenÕs present location using either the link (7) above or other information that you can find and his location from the table on link (1) above.


You can use a data table like Table 1 below to compile your information.


Table 1: Wind Current




Velocity (Speed)

Units (            )


 of Wind


Of ErdenÕs


























Will each on the currents that Erden passes through help or hinder his travels?  How so?


Map 1: ErdenÕs Projected Track




Map 2: The World and the Oceans.




Exercise 3: Is there a connection between wind and the waterÕs surface?


a) Using the information that you found on water surface currents and the normal wind currents, can you see any relationship or connection between the wind direction and the direction of the surface currents?



b) What other effects might wind direction and velocity have on the waterÕs surface?  How can this be researched?



c) Devise a procedure for researching your assumption in b, above.






Map 3: Air Pressure and Prevailing Winds


























Invitation to Oceanography, Fourth Edition
Paul R. Pinet, Colgate University ISBN 13: 9780763740795




Map 4: Surface Currents



























Invitation to Oceanography, Fourth Edition
Paul R. Pinet, Colgate University ISBN 13: 9780763740795