The Voyage of the Delaware II 1999
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Gian Criscitiello teaches third grade at the Smith School in Lincoln, Massachusetts.
He and the crew of Delaware II will send research information and marine mammal sightings.

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Log of the Delaware II

Summary of trip:

The primary goals of the cruise are to photographically identify individual right, humpback, and blue whales to assess population size and structure; to take biopsy samples [for analyses involving genetics, to study population structure, stable isotopes (diet), and toxicology (level of contaminants], and to conduct extensive oceanographic sampling to characterize the habitats used by the whales. Personnel on board include 12 scientists from a variety of institutions but chiefly The National Marine Fisheries Service office in Woods Hole, MA. The chief scientist is Phil Clapham. The operation of the Delaware is up to the able crew of engineers, deck workers, stewards and executive officers under the command of Jack McAdam, Master.

Observational watches rotate from 7am to 7pm. Species, number, position etc., are recorded.

Biopsy are taken from a station on the bow of the boat and from an 18' zodiac. Oceanographic data is collected by stopping and lowering CTDs (Continuity, Temp & Density) sensor, and an OPC (Optical Plankton Counter) to different depth (so far up to 200 meters). Additional plankton data is gathered from towing 'Bongos', fine mesh nets, through the water at different depths. Area to be covered in survey.

We started out on Georges Bank but will focus on different areas of the Scotian Shelf, the continental shelf southeast of Nova Scotia. We will be running survey blocks near Le Have Bank, Emerald Bank, Western Bank, Western Gully and Browns Bank.


Week 1 - July 26 through July 31

Week 2 - August 1 through August 7

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