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Name- "Jersey"
Seal Tag - Tag #27581


As you can see we have also gone several days without a message from "Jersey". After coming ashore briefly north of Boston, she headed out to sea and our last location was from roughly 20 miles north and east of Provincetown Mass. Again as with "Quid" all we know right now is that the tag, most likely did not run out of power. I will be checking dive data for clues as to what might be going on here as well.


Strangeness continues. Jersey had moved into the middle of the Gulf of Maine last week and we were keeping an eye out to see if she would come ashore in mid coast Maine. On the 20 the it appeared that she was quite close to shore near York Maine. However on the 21 st she had moved about thirty miles south and came ashore in Ipswich Massachusetts (keep in mind this is only about 45 minutes away from our lab at the Aquarium). She had apparently spent the night ashore on a relatively isolated st reach of beach. Unfortunately, she had gone back into the water before we could get to the beach to photograph her. The following day we received data messages that said that she had spent the night up on the beach again and the locations show that she may have only moved a few miles down the coast. Data from Saturday showed that she had again moved off shore and was twenty miles east of Glouchester Massachusetts. Her latest locations put her roughly twenty miles north and slightly east of the tip of Cape Cod. Her dive data shows that she is making some deep and some long dives (as deep as 80 meters). Over the past ten years we have wondered about the behavior of hooded seals that are found beached along the coast. It appears that Jersey is giving us some idea about what they do.


Just a quick update. After two days bumping around shore north of Boston in Ipswich and Glouchecter, it appears that Jersey is , once again offshore. Todays data put her about 20 miles east of Cape Ann and doing 40 meter dives (so we can be sure she has reached deeper water away from the coast). Never did get a chance to catch up to her on shore, but who knows where we will go from here. No reports of her on shore yesterday, but the tag data showed that she was out of the water most of the night of the 22nd......


Jersey the hooded seal showed up on Crane's Beach last night. According to the rangers, she was there this morning, up until high tide (around noon). I got as far as route 95 on the way to get a look and some photos, before she got back into the water. They are going to keep an eye out for her. Meantime the tag said that yes she was in Ipswich and yes she was out of the water. So we shall see, but it looks like we have a tag on a seal that has stranded twice now.....
The latest good location I have on Jersey is from last night at around 8:00. It was a pretty good hit (within 300 meters)
27581 Date : 22.01.99 01:38:29 LC : 2 Lat1 : 42.667N Lon1 : 70.725W

This location is most likely on the south tip of Crane's Beach (although it could be just across the bay near Wingaersheek Beach. We have gotten no calls so far so my guess is she is either on a part of the beach that nobody goes to, or she headed off on the high tide again last night. 1/18/99

Although Jersey has spent the past few days in the middle of the Gulf of Maine, he latest locations are more to the west and she may be heading near to shore. She is still roughly 30 miles offshore (as of 1/18), however this is less than a single day swim, at the rate she has been going. She is roughly due east of Portland Maine.


Stopped in the middle of the Gulf of Maine. Same general location for the past two days.


More strange doings. Jersey had headed to mid coast Nova Scotia (near Halifax) and began to head south and west. Her latest location puts her almost at the center of the Gulf of Maine. This is about 120 miles from the Massachusetts coast and about 100 miles from the Maine coast. This sounds like a long way, but at her present rate of travel it is only about a two to three day trip. This is quite interesting as we have been wondering for years where hooded seal that we see along our coast in the winter come from and what do they do when they are in this range. It looks like with luck we may find out with Jersey.


Our last locations had Jersey heading toward Cape Breton Island. Although she got quite close to shore it does not appear that she actually hauled out on shore, but again headed offshore (about twenty miles offshore) and has begun to swim south. This is a back track of the path she took several months ago and our most recent locations put her fifteen to twenty miles offshore east of Halifax, Nova Scotia. If she continues in this direction at this speed, she will again be in the Gulf of Maine around the first week of January....curiouser and curiouser...


Curiouser and curiouser....After spending almost a week in the same area offshore, Jersey headed west and has headed right to the coast of Cape Breton Island. So far no indication that she has hauled out, but she did this straight line rush in about three days (roughly 120 miles).


Jersey is doing something quite remarkable...After swimming north to the coast of Newfoundland, she headed south again in a roughly 500 mile circle, returning to the location she was in about a month ago. She has been in the same general location for the past week or so. This is an area of sharp bottom contour with shallow water dropping of to several hundred meters. She is east of Cape Breton Island, and north of Sable Island.


Hmmmmm...After heading north to Newfoundland, "Jersey" headed west and then south making a large circle (about 500 miles) around to a location over shallow water roughly 150 miles east of Cape Breton Island. This is roughly the same location she was in about a month ago. Strange!


Now appears to be heading south and east near Cape Breton Island. If she continues in this direction she may end up making a large loop back to the area she was in before she headed north towards Newfoundland.


Jersey does a head fake on Newfoundland....Let me explain.....The last set of locations I sent had "Jersey" about at the mid point of the south coast of Newfoundland. The question was left...or right....(which way would she go...as she was only several miles offshore she had to turn or haul out). As it turned out she headed first right (east) then backtracked to the west. She has moved a bit more offshore and we will see if she heads into the Gulf of St. Lawrence, or turns again....


Moving east, still close to shore off the south coast of Newfoundland. No sign that she has hauled out of the water...so far...


After spending about a week near shallow water north of Sable Island, Jersey moved quickly north and west and is now roughly two to three miles from the south coast of Newfoundland. This was about two hundred mile sprint in a bit more than four days.


Moving a bit north and east. Now over deeper water than the past few days.


Still getting regular and reliable locations everyday. After moving off the coast of Nova Scotia (100 miles or so) and heading north, Jersey has stopped short. She has spent the last few days near an area where the water depth shallows out steeply, north and east of Sable Island. Her diving behavior shows her diving to depths of up to five hundred feet or so (about as deep as she has been diving so far). It will be interesting to see how long she stays in this area, or if she moves on. 11/10/98

Still getting good locations and data. Jersey is continuing to move north and east near the east coast of Nova Scotia. She has, however moved well offshore and is now north and east of Sable Island. Her most recent locations show her following a sharp deepwater contour were depths drop several hundred meters. I will be checking her dive data later this week. She is now in an area where if she continues east and north, she will go around the east coast of Newfoundland. If she goes west, she will move into the Gulf of St. Lawrence (much like Poego did some months ago). Hopefully we shall see.


Not much for today, but this location is over some of the deepest water so far. Also this is the same general area that "Casino" the gray seal from New Jersey spent a bit of time. Check the two paths. "Jersey" is in deeper water and, so far staying further offshore. (Seems to be a popular spot for seals from New Jersey).

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