From cole%Delaware@ Mon Aug 13 18:39:48 2001
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 06:17:14 EDT

Subject: btc 2001 8/12

Conditions did indeed deteriorate Friday--by noon the fog had settled in and the wind picked up to a solid 25 knots, just like they said it would (even a blind squirrel gets an acorn from time to time...). We stopped ops at 1100, and settled into fixing stuff and watching movies for the remainder of the day.

Yesterday dawned clear and calm, so we began tagging ops. Mark Baumgartner stood on the tagging pulpit while Fred Wenzel did the driving. They got a tag on a whale on the second attempt, and we tracked it for an hour (4 dives after it finished taking part in a small SAG). Several more attempts were made with only one brief (<1 min) attachment.

Today was also a beaut, and we managed to get on two tags, one which lasted over an hour, the other a little less. Tomorrow sounds like calm winds again, so we'll be keeping on the tagging effort.