From Mon Aug 13 18:39:59 2001
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 17:06:07 EDT

Subject: btc 2001 8/13

Overcast skies in the morning along with some light rain, but the winds light out of the east. Got two tags on (and off and retrieved) down near 4438N 6626W before the fog closed in about 1100. Steamed around to the north and west looking for whales in the clear, but both the fog and the whales apparently staying on the east side of 6630W. We finally abandoned our effort around 1600, shortly after which the expected cold front gave us a crisp horizon to the east. Tomorrow is looking to be a grand day, though, so we're finishing off today with a bongo tow at BF22, and saving our strength. Everyone getting quite bronzed from the collar up and the cuffs down.