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is caught inside, the water drains out the sides of the mouth. Their large tongue is used to help

push out the water and then sweeps up the food to swallow. Feeding takes place along the

northern regions of where Northern Right Whales are sighted. Their main diet consists of small

sea creatures called "Zoo Plankton". Some of the types of zooplankton that they eat are copepods

and krill.

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They are almost microscopic and a whale eats about 2,625 pounds of them a day.1 3That

is a lot of tiny little animals!

The patterns in which they eat directly connect to their migration patterns. As they

migrate we not only have been able to watch where they are going, but we have also been able to

explore their personalities and how they treat one another. When they are feeding and breeding

they are found in large groups. Though, when they have been spotted migrating, they are in

smaller groups. They seem to be very playful and mischievous. They splash with their flippers

and roll over each other a lot, also, when they are preparing to dive deeply, they usually raise

their fluke above the surface of the water. Throughout all of the playing and courting, they are

able to communicate through moans, blows, pulsed calls, slaps, and gunshot types of sounds.1 4

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