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The large densely-packed areas where their prey are mostly found are in the northern

areas near Maine and The Bay of Fundy. The waters are shallower here which allow for easy

feeding. This only takes place around the summer and fall when the temperatures are higher

around this area. During the Spring, they can be found around Cape Cod and Massachusetts Bay

as they are traveling North for the summer season. During the Winter, they locate themselves in

the southern warmer waters of Florida and Georgia.

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Researchers are not sure where the males and the non-pregnant females go during the

winter season but they are aware that southern, warmer areas are where the pregnant females

migrate to, so that they are able to give birth. These Southern calving grounds are the only

known place where this species delivers its calves.1 6

The male whales are not known to have

anything to do with the birth of or raising the calf. They are born about 14 feet long, and can

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