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When the tags do stay on the whale and do their job, it is almost a miracle to researchers.

They can collect information such as time, date, latitude, longitude, dive durations and depths.2 1

Only when a whale that is tagged surfaces, and a satellite passes over, information that has been

collected gets sent to the satellite. The information then travels from the satellite to established

data banks in the world. 22

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Humans impact the oceans in two ways, putting things in it and taking things out of it.

Putting elements into the ocean is polluting it. There are three types of pollution in the ocean

caused by humans: chemical, biological, and industrial. Some of the industrial pollution can be

chemical or biological. Chemical pollution includes oil spills and pollution from tankards, toxic

substances from organic compounds, and soaps and detergents. Biological pollution consists of

invasive species in the ocean. Industrial pollution, predominantly leading to eutrophication,

comes from waste from industry and runoff of pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers from fields.

Acid rain is another type of pollution that affects the ocean. Although it is a natural occurrence, it

is mainly caused by humans. Taking entities out of the ocean mainly manifests itself via fishing.

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