Reports and
Stranding Information

Name - "Poego"
Seal Tag # 27580

Hooded Seal

Stranding History

"Poego" is a young male hooded seal, rescued by the National Aquarium staff in February 1998 and successfully rehabilitated in the intervening months. "Poego" was released from Nahant, Massachusetts on July 16, 1998.

Rescued near South Bethany, Delaware, the seal pup arrived at the National Aquarium in critical condition: emaciated, dehydrated, and infected by parasites. He weighed 63 pounds (How many kilograms?). He weighed 165 pounds at the release, July 16, 1998.

Report Summaries

And then...there was one... As you can see it has been a few days since we received a message from "PoeGo". Although, we lost track of him early in his track, this is unusual considering his behavior over the past months. So far I have not had a chance to look closely at his dive behavior to look for anything strange, but when last checked, his tag appeared to be working well and had enough battery power for several months. If this is the last we hear from him this was our second longest track (eight months), and we received more dive data than from any tag so far.


"Poego" has moved south along the coast of Newfoundland and his most recent location is south and well east of the coast. He has also moved away from the ice edge, that he was hauling out on from time to time. He is reaching the southern past of the Grand Banks.


Over the past few days "Poego" has started to move south. It appears that he is moving along the ice edge near the coast of Newfoundland.


Lots of data points, but not lots of moving. "Poego" has remained in the same location for several weeks now, off of the coast of northern Newfoundland. Over the past week however it appears that "Poego" is hauling out from time to time for short periods. It would appear that ocean ice has reached this area as well.



After staying in roughly the same location for several days "Poego" moved west towards the coast. Our most recent locations put him thirty to forty miles off the coast of southern Labrador. They also show that he has again hauled out most likely on ice.


With all of the other seals moving all over the place you would think that "Poego" would be moving too. But, wrong again..."Poego" has been staying close to the same location (roughly 120 miles east of the Strait of Belle Isle). This is a location he spent roughly a week near, before he headed north up the Davis Strait. The water in this location is quite deep and a quick look at "Poego's" diving has shown dives well over 1000 feet deep. Eventually, sea ice may form near this area and it will be interesting to see if he stays here or moves. whew...

12/30/98 - And speaking of strange...."Poego" has been heading south for the past weeks and several days ago made a sharp turn west. This means he has done a large irregular loop and is now headed toward the location east of the Strait of belle Isle, where he started his move to the north. He is still roughly 75 miles offshore, east of Labrador / Newfoundland. Ice maps in this area show ice in the Strait of Belle Isle and close to shore in Newfoundland and Labrador e....what next??

12/22/98 - "Poego" continues moving south and is almost to northern Newfoundland, several hundred miles south of the northern ice he hauled out on. There is some ice in this area, but it is quite near to shore and right now "Poego" appears to be far from it. He is still hovering over water over 2000 meters deep.

12/18/98 - "Poego" continues to move south almost down the center of the Davis Strait (actually closer to Labrador). His most recent locations put him over water that is between 2000 and 3500 meters deep. We have been tracking him for almost exactly five months (our longest track was nine months, although we have gotten more locations [over 900 so far] and data from "Poego" in five months than we did in nine of the previous track.)

12/8/98 - We now have more than 800 location points from "Poego", more than any other seal we have tracked so far. "Poego" has been heading south down the middle of the Davis Strait. Over the weekend he moved slightly to the west and into somewhat shallower water (he was over water more than 3000 meters deep...now he is over water roughly 2000 meters deep.

12/3/98 - Has moved south down the center of the Davis Strait. He is roughly mid way between Canada and Greenland about 100 miles from the ice he hauled out on. He is over water that is between 2800 and 3400 meters deep.

12/1/98 - He's back...Before the break "Poego's" tag had shut down after he hauled out on ice just south of the Arctic Circle at the top of the Davis Strait. He has since, gone back into the water, and headed south and east. It appears that he has hauled out for some short stops in the past few days, but I will have to look more closely at his dive data to be sure. Our most recent locations (some of the most accurate we have had) show that "PoeGo" is mid way between Canada and Greenland in the middle of the Davis Strait.Since turning south he has moved over the deepest water he has been in.

Over the long weekend we received just under one hundred locations from "Poego". The most location data we have ever received was from "Stephanie", a hooded seal we tracked for just over nine months (just over 800 locations). So far (since July...a little over four months) we have received just under 700 locations from "Poego" and about the same amount of dive data, that we received during "Stephanie's" entire track. Keep your fingers crossed, it seems to be helping......

11/25/98 - One location from about the same area and time as the last location from yesterday. This location was also sent while "Poego" was out of the water (most likely hauled out on ice). To save battery power the tag is programmed to shut off if it is "out of the water" for more than eight hours. The last "dry" signal we received was about eight hours after the first one we received...so most likely the tag was out long enough to shut down...Hopefully this means "Poego" is having a good rest on the ice, and the tag will start up again once he gets back into the water. (While you are having that second helping of turkey tomorrow, think of what it is like where he is hauled out...almost 24 hours of night...and arctic cold... on ice over water more than 1,000 feet deep...but hey.. it's where he lives...)

11/24/98 - "Poego" has continued north and slightly west, away from the very deep water he was over a week ago (depths over 2000 meters) and is reaching Arctic latitudes (anybody know the latitude of the arctic circle?...answer next time). Our most recent messages, however show that as of roughly 7:30 last night "Poego" had hauled out on ice at the top of the Davis Strait. This is the first time he has come out of the water since his release in July. He was still out on the ice seven hours later. We will see what happens...the good news is that "Poego" is back to his "home"...The bad news would be if he whacks the tag on the ice and knocks it off or damages it....Keep your fingers crossed, but while he is in this area he is in an area of high satellite coverage (the satellites orbit over the poles, and right now there are four satellites tracking the signals from the tag) so as long as the tag works, in this area we will be receiving a lot of data.

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Map of "Poego's" travels.


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