Harbor Seal 47822


Satellite Tagging Observation Reports

Name: "Kitty"

Field #: KMS371 Stranding Data
Strand date: 11/4/04
Species: Harbor Seal
Stranding Weight: 16.9 kg
Sex: F Age: less than 1 year

Location: Kitty Hawk, NC
Rescued by North Carolina Stranding Network Transported to Virginia Aquarium Stranding Center

Release Date: December 29, 2004
Release Weight: 34.6 kg
Release Location: First Landing State Park, Virginia Beach, VA
Stranding Circumstances
Citizens spotted the animal with bloody flippers and lethargic on the beach. North Carolina Stranding network collected the animal and transferred the animal to our team at the North Carolina line. She was then transported to the Virginia Aquarium Stranding Center in Virginia Beach, VA for rehabiliation

Initial Examination
Abrasions to front flippers and mouth, swollen left scapula (shoulder)
Thin, lethargic, dehydrated, high fever

Oral antibiotics due to elevated white cell count
Initially treated with fluids for dehydration, then tube fed 4 times daily a fish shake until strong enough to take whole fish
Began eating fish on her own within 4 days

Consuming approximately 10# of herring daily (2.5#/4 times daily)
Has gained nearly 30# since she stranded (was 37 now 65#)
Catching and eating live prey

She was released from First Landing State Park on Wednesday December 29th.
This is the third seal to complete long term rehab at the Virginia Aquarium Stranding Center in our new unit (made possible by Prescott funds and finished Jan 2004). The first 2 ("Rusty" the grey seal and "Cameron" the harbor seal) were transported north to the Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Riverhead New York due to lateness of the season and increasing temperatures in Virginia.
This is the first seal to ever be released from the Virginia coast.

Transmitter In a cooperative effort with the Riverhead Foundation Marine Mammal Stranding Center of Atlantis Marine World in Riverhead, NY a transmitter was applied for post-release monitoring.

12/30/04 - tThe seal was released in VA on Wednesday. This is a collaborative effort between the Virginia Aquarium Stranding Center and the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation.

Map of "47822's" travels.

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