Harbor Seal 47823


Satellite Tagging Observation Reports

Name: Chaos
Species: Phoca vitulina
Common name: Harbor seal
Strand information:
Date: March 3, 2005

Location: Southern Shores, NC
Condition: lethargic, thin and bleeding around the mouth

Release Information
Date: Tuesday 4/26/05
Location: First Landing State Park
Time: 3:00PM

A special thanks to some very exceptional children from 3 different schools: Kingston Elementary School, Lynnhaven Middle School (shown in photo) and Norfolk Academy This transmitter was purchased with funds donated to the Virginia Aquarium Stranding Program through amazing fundraising efforts by these children. Thanks also to the cooperative effort of the Riverhead Foundation in Riverhead, NY for their continued assistance and training.

Map of "47823's" travels.

More seal data is available in the current WhaleNet Listserv. Sort and go to FIND for "47822" entries.

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