Harbor Seal 73229


Satellite Tagging Observation Reports

Name: sassy
Species: Phoca vitulina
Common name: Harbor seal
"Sassquatch" or "Sassy" for short is a young female harbor seal which stranded on March 21, 2007 in Carova, NC. The animal was reported to be bleeding from the mouth, yet bright and alert, probably on the beach for a rest. Unfortunately, due to an attempt to "rescue" the animal by well-intentioned general public, Stranding staff were forced to immediately capture the animal and admit her to rehabilitation, rather than observe her on the beach.

The 21 kg animal was treated for mild dehydration, minor mouth injuries and due to a slightly elevated white blood count, antibiotics were administered. She quickly began eating on her own and gaining weight. Antics while in rehabilitation included lounging in the pool of our triage unit and flipping her water container to use as a sled to ride into the water in her rehab pool. The animal was deemed healthy for release by veterinary medical staff and NOAA Fisheries personnel.

Thanks to another cooperative effort between Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response Program and the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation, a satellite transmitter was applied and Sassy became the 3rd harbor seal to be released from Virginia. On April 25th, 2007, at a plump weight of 37 kg, Sassy returned to the wild from Fisherman's Island, in Northhampton, VA.

Map of "73229's" travels.

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