Map Satellite Tagging
Observation Map - Summary


  • Data Sheet

  • Distance Generator from any two points


    1. What is the normal habitat for a blue whale?
    2. What precautions must be made in working with satellite positions?
    3. How far does the blue whale travel in a day? Is it the same everyday?
    4. What is its "range of movemennt" in a day? a week? a month?
    5. Does the animal frequent a particular location more than others? Depth contour? other?

    You can use these Anaylsis Tools:

  • to make maps and to plot coastal movements of satellite tagged marine mammals using latitude and longitude,
  • to track your course using a GPS with your powerbook on a whale watch boat, and
  • to save your data and sighting information on land or near shore whale watching coastal areas.

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