Gray Seal


"Wade" & "Valentine"
Gray Seal

Satellite Tagging Observation Reports

5/5/03 -
Valentine is a male grey seal pup that was found abandoned from his mother in Stonington, Maine. He was found on Valentine’s Day by Allied Whale of Bar Harbor and was transferred to the Marine Animal Lifeline on 2/15/03. Valentine was approximately 1 week old and still had his birth fur, called lanugo. Valentine was malnourished and dehydrated and was treated with antibiotics and nutritional support. Valentine took a little longer than usual to wean, but once he figured it all out, he was quickly catching and eating fis on his own. Valentine weighed only 11.1 kgs (24.4 lbs) when he was found and he was released at 39.1 kgs (86 lbs)

WADE (MAL-03-033Hg)
Wade is a male grey seal pup that was found stranded on Cousins Island in Yarmouth, Maine, on 2/26/03. Wade was about 3 weeks old when he stranded. He was having a difficult time learning how to catch fish and eat on his own, and as a result was dehydrated, malnourished, and had a slight infection. He was treated for his ailments and taught how to catch fish. He was a quick learner and rapidly progressed. He grew up alongside Valentine and both of them became quite the pair, always playing with each other. Wade weighed 17.1 kgs (37.6 lbs) when he was found stranded and was released weighing 44.1 kgs (99 lbs)

Map of "Wade" & "Valentine" travels.

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