Dolphin Stranding
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Satellite Tagging
Observation Reports

1/28/06 - Just a quick note since it is so late...or rather, early. We've had yet another mass stranding. Today (Friday) CCSN and NEAq responded to a╩ total of 17 live stranded dolphins. 3 Whitesided, 14 commons: 3 died, 7 were euthanized, 2 were relinquished to the rising tide, and five were transported and released. NEAq was able to satellite╩tag another Dd prior to release They are getting good data already on the critter (another Dd) they tagged last of three released at the time).

Needless to say, we are all stretched beyond our means at this point. So far this month CCSN has responded to a total of four or five mass strandings (depending on how you want to count them)╩involving 52 animals. We are at a total of 79 animals for the month of January, but we know we have a few stragglers out there from today.

We tagged 2 Delphinus in two separate groups. The first group was made up of three animals one is wearing a SPLASH tag (54734) and was re-located and released on 1/27/06. The other was attached to another Delphinus in a group of 5 animals╩ consisting of 2 calfs and 3 adults. These were re-located from Paine's Hollow to the release site, Herring Cove Beach, P-town, MA. on 1/28/06. Both releases took place in the dark ... way fun. and went with little incident.

2/3/06 - This information only applies to 54734 - the SPLASH tag: Adult male. (image)

Majority of the dives (> 1 m) are between 50-100m (21%). there is some decent activity in the 30-40m bin (14%) as well.

Dives (> 1m) are varied in duration: 4-6 min dives comprise 14% of the dives, with 12% of the total being 3-4 minutes in duration. some dives (11%) fell into the 10 - 20 min bin.

Looking at the time spent at (dives > 1m) depth a full 36% of this animals time has been spent above 2m. With 10% of his time diving between 50 - 100m.

We are not getting a huge number of hits so, the dive data for each day is not very complete but, each passing day that we receive signals from the tag the picture gets better.

2/9/06 - There has been much progress from the animals. In particular 54734 has moved east past George's Bank BUT has since stopped transmitting. I am checking all the data to try to determine why. I suspect the animal's tag has stopped signalling permanently but being an optimist ... I continue to hope. Remember the tag cannot signal if it remains wet. The tag could have debris on it, keeping the salt water switch wet, it could have broken free, tag could have malfunctioned or the aniaml could have died and sunk.

╩Tag 49784, a SPOT4 tag, is still going strong signalling at a regular rate. Soon the tags will start to broadcast every other day (Feb. 15th). As things change I'll try to keep you informed. (image)

More seal data is available in the current WhaleNet Listserv. Sort and go to FIND for "NEAq1-06" entries.

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