"Sweet Pea", the Green Turtle

WhaleNet and the New England Aquarium

Sweet Pea
"Sweet Pea" Data

Green Turtle
(Chelonia mydas)



Sweet Pea was released May 14, 2002

Data - No data received thus far.

Why do we have no data on Sweet Pea?

Possible reasons:

1) The tag fell off of the turtle.

2) The orientation of the tag does not allow the attenna to clear the water level when the turtle comes to the surface to breathe.

3) The salt water switch which turns the tag on to transmit to the satellite was covered by the expoy.

4) The antenna was damaged in transit or during preparation or placement.

5) The satellite tag was damaged in transit after the successful test in Massachusetts.

> 26335 Date : 16.01.02 21:19:25 LC : 2 IQ : 56
> Lat1 : 42.619N Lon1 : 70.881W Lat2 : 41.136N Lon2 : 78.542W
> Nb mes : 008 Nb mes>-120dB : 000 Best level : -126 dB
> Pass duration : 418s NOPC : 3
> Calcul freq : 401 649641.3 Hz Altitude : 0 m
> 00 00 00 00
> 00 00 00 00
> 00 00 00 00

ARGOS System Information (pdf file)

What reasons might you ponder?

Information to consider:

A. Why were there no signals received while the tag was being applied and while the turtle was being transmitted to the beach?

B. Why is it difficult to attach a flat surface (satellite tag) to a turtle's shell?

C. What questions would you ask about the satellite tag application process?

A successful tagging event.

Sweet Pea's tag.

D. How is the placement and orientation of the tag different on these two turtles?

You can send your input to WhaleNet.

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Photograph Credit: Eileen Simoneau, photographer for the Orlando Sentinel

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