"Tom" & "Nikkie"
Gray Seal

Satellite Tagging Observation Reports

7/22/03 -
"Nikki" - MARC-03-008-Pv REL-042

The North Carolina Stranding Network and the Virginia Marine Science Museum rescued this Harbor Seal on February 9, 2003, from Cape Lookout, North Carolina. She suffered injuries from being entangled in fishing gear and the resulting in deep lacerations to her neck. At the time of her rescue, she was 24 lbs (12.31 kgs) and 96.5 cms long. She was immediately deemed "Nearly Headless Nikki" as the fishing gear was cutting into her neck. Nikki spent her early days at the Virginia Marine Science Museum, as she was too weak for transport to UNEÕs MARC for long-term rehabilitation and release. She was finally transported to Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center (MARC) on Feb 21, 2003. At MARC she quickly gained weight and strength. At the time of her release on July 16, 2003 she weighed 103 lbs (46.85 kgs) and was 96.5 cms long. This satellite tag was made possible with financial assistance through grants provided by the John H. Prescott Marine Mammal Rescue Assistance Grant Program (Prescott Stranding Grant Program).

"Thomas" - MARC-03-007-Pg (CCSN-03-014-Pg)

The Cape Cod Stranding Network rescued this Harp Seal on February 8, 2003 from New Bedford Massachusetts. He was lethargic, underweight, had discharge from both eyes and sand in his mouth. He was immediately transferred to UNEÕs Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center (MARC) where he received treatment for his ailments. At stranding he was 61.16 lbs (27.8 kgs) and 114 cms long. At his release on July 16, 2003 he weighed 148 lbs (67.31 kgs)and measured 114.5 cms in length.

During rehabilitation, Thomas was part of a research study conducted by Mystic Aquarium. The study focused Hooded and Harp Seals at UNEÕs MARC, The Riverhead Foundation and Mystic AquariumÕs respective stranding programs. The study and the satellite tag was funded by theJohn H. Prescott Marine Mammal Rescue Assistance Grant Program (Prescott Stranding Grant Program).

Map of "Tom" & "Nikki" travels.

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