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Name- "Casino"
Seal Tag - Tag 27583

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    Gray Seal

    Gray Seal

    Stranding Date: 22 April 1998
    Field #: 98-048
    Species: Gray seal -- Halichoerus grypus
    Age: 3 mos.
    Incoming Weight; 54.4 lbs.
    Length: 38 inches
    Stranding Location: Adriatic Ave., and the beach in Atlantic City, Atlantic County, NJ, USA
    Latitude: 39 23' 43"
    Longitude: 74 23' 24"

    The animal was picked up on the beach in Atlantic City with a baseball sized abscess on its left rear flipper. Animal also had minor abrasions, due to possible shark bite on rear flippers.

    Animal tagged with blue, plastic Allflex tag #2. Tag was places on right rear flipper. The back of the tag reads as follows:

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    P.O. Box 773
    Brigantine, NJ 08203

    If this tag is found, please return it to the above address with the date and location it was found as well as the condition of the animal.

    RELEASE: 18 May 1998, 11:00 AM EST
    > Lat1: 42.667N [latitude] Lon1: 70.662W [longitude]

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