A Whale of a Sponsorship Opportunity

With WhaleNet website statistical data confirms more than 1,000,000 "hits" per month during the school year on the WhaleNet Web site, WhaleNet is a major force in the on-line educational and scientific world. Hundreds of thousands of visitors from over 130 countries bring WhaleNet directly into their classrooms, offices and homes. Sponsorship on this site is an efficient and cost-effective way to command the attention of students and teachers, families, armchair science buffs and serious researchers alike, while supporting an innovative, highly respected educational tool.


WhaleNet's regular visitors comprise a vast assortment of people of all ages and educational backgrounds. On-line tracking data tells us approximately 85 percent of the people we attract come from U.S.-based educational, commercial and governmental organizations. Scientists make up nearly 25 percent of our audience. And thousands of private citizens from diverse backgrounds cross our cyber threshold each month. Take a look at this sampling of WhaleNet visitors during November 1997:

Percentage Category of Visitors
85.0 U.S. - Educational (8.7%), Commercial (39.7%),
Government (1.0%) Network/Scientists (28%),
Private citizens (6.3%), Non-profit organizations (1.3%)
4.5 Canadian
2.6 German
1.5 Australian
0.9 United Kingdom
0.9 Spain
0.7 Sweden
3.9 Miscellaneous visitors/worldwide

Sponsorship Benefits Awareness.
Sponsorship on WhaleNet guarantees you a high level of visual name awareness. By prominently displaying your company's logo on a number of key "gateway" pages on our site, your support will be recognized by thousands of "surfers" whose interests run from education and the environment to conservation and computers. Sponsoring WhaleNet means reaching a guaranteed audience whose size is equivalent to that of a sold-out sports arena every day, 365 days a year.

We will provide a hypertext link to your organization's home page from each WhaleNet page that has your logo. Visitors who want more information about your organization are only one click away from accessing your Internet site.


A typical search on any Internet search engine brings up hundreds of references to WhaleNet and its educational host, Wheelock College in Boston. As well, many other sites linked to ours can be accessed in this way. Anyone who seeks information on whales, from the casual observers to the hard-core scientist, eventually will be led to our site. We are fast becoming the world's leader in whale-related information.

Repeat impressions.

The activities on WhaleNet's dynamic Web site are designed to encourage repeat visits from students, teachers and scientists. Classroom activities on our site encourage educators to check back frequently for new ideas. Likewise, these activities encourage repeat visits by students who log on at least once per day to analyze scientific data, photos and reports. With WhaleNet, you can reach an array of highly motivated, frequent visitors each time they log on.

Third-party recommendation.

The WhaleNet Web site has enjoyed accolades, recognition and endorsement from the National Science Foundation, from high-profile scientific organizations, environmental groups and educators across the country as well as from dozens of on-line information providers. Our site is linked to hundreds of others around the world. And the distinctive nature of the education and information services we provide has resulted in numerous newspaper articles about WhaleNet and principal investigator Michael Williamson.

For more information on sponsoring WhaleNet, please contact:

J. Michael Williamson, Director
Wheelock College
200 The Riverway
Boston, MA 02215

phone: 978.468.4699(Voice)

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