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WhaleNet User Demographics

  • People from around the world visit the WhaleNet Web site on a regular basis. To date, we have had visitors from over 130 countries (green areas on map) and all seven continents.

  • WhaleNet's commitment to multilingual education brings thousands of visitors to our Spanish-language site.

  • On average, WhaleNet's home page receives 245,000 hits per week during the academic year; close to 900,000 hits per month.

  • WhaleNet is truly a global phenomenon: about 15% of the people who access our site do so from outside the United States. U.S.-based users from educational, governmental and commercial institutions compose about 85 percent of WhaleNet's visitors.

  • A sampling of the people who used WhaleNet (average year):
    Percentage Category of Visitors
    85.0% U.S. - Educational (8.7%), Commercial (39.7%),
    Government (1.0%) Network/Scientists (28%),
    Private citizens (6.3%), Non-profit organizations (1.3%)
    4.5 Canadian
    2.6 German
    1.5 Australian
    0.9 United Kingdom
    0.9 Spain
    0.7 Sweden
    3.9 Miscellaneous visitors/worldwide
  • Students who visit WhaleNet range in education level from elementary school through graduate school.

  • Scientists and researchers from an array of disciplines use WhaleNet to post and review up-to-the-minute marine data.

  • Teachers visit WhaleNet regularly to gather resources and ideas for science-related classroom activities, as well as to view our growing list of professional development seminars throughout the country.

  • WhaleNet is a well-used cybergate to the fascinating world of on-line exploring. Many people access us to use our constantly evolving set of science-related links.

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