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The links included on this page are educational curriculum resources for your use. If you know of more interesting links please forward the information to us so that we can share it with other WhaleNet users.


An Introduction to the Internet for Teachers - This tutorial is geared towards teachers who have had little or no exposure to the Internet. It covers basic concepts and is not specific to any computer hardware or software.

Curriculum Unit Development:WhaleNet Self-Workshop (12/5/96)

Related Sites with Units on Whales:

Alaska SeaLife Center Curricula Units- Interesting units from the far north.

Allied Whale, College of the Atlantic Curriculum Information

Cetacean Society International - News briefs on many points of interest about marine mammals and the environment from around the world.

Diving -"How deep can they go?"

Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary Education Activities

Habits of whales - Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary

Marine Education Project - Stevens Institute ofTechnology

Stowaway Adventure by Stevens Inst. of Tech.

MARMAM: Marine Mammal Research and Conservation:Search the MARMAM Archives for marine mammal news and information.

MRVIS Whale Curriculum by Jorn Halloran

National Marine Fisheries Northeast Regional Office in Gloucester, MA

Northeast Marine Science Center in Woods Hole, MA

Protected species - National Marine Fisheries Service Cetaceans Page

Right Whale -Free Booklet and video on the Right Whale from Gray's Reef

Right Whale Curriculum Unit by Gray's Reef and Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuaries.

Right Whale - National Marine Fisheries Service Recovery Plan for the Northern Right Whale

NSF Pages

NSF/WhaleNet links,use Search function.
NSF/WhaleNet page.
REC Report

Royal Ontario Museum - Teaching Units on Whales

Sea Education Association Unit related to geography and productivity. Follow student crewed research voyage and related research.

Sea World Educational Resources

Washed Ashore: An Interdisciplinary Scientific Inquiry Based on the Necropsy of a Beached Whale" by Melinda Forist and Brian Forist.

Whales in the ClassroomThe information and activities are designed to give you an experience of some of the types of work that oceanographers do, and helps to emphasize how important and how much fun this work is -- but also serves as a reminder that working hard in school in a variety of subjects helps to give you more choices about what you do and how you do it.

Watershed - "Our Connection to the Sea"- WhaleNet's Watershed Information Pages
Background information on major river basins and watersheds that affect coastal waters in the United States.

Whales and Dolphins of the Gulf of Mexico Teacher's Companion - A Great resource, available on-line as well as a free hardcopy booklet and poster available from the Minerals Management Service.

Whales - Studying Whales in Middle School - An Interdisciplinary Unit, Cohasset High School

Whales: A Thematic Web Unit-

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