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Picture of Ibis the whale being rescued
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Our rescue team of whale enthusiasts and computer experts have finished their rescue operation of WhaleNet data from the VMSVAX computer at Simmons College. All data and informational files are now available here on the website.

Below you will find two menus for WhaleNet data. The first one conatins older archived materials from the former WhaleNet bulletin board. The second menu contains more recent files that are being posted to the WhaleNet listserv. You may join this listserv by clicking on the Listserv option below the data files.

Click here for older archived materials from the WhaleNet bulletin board.

Click here for more recent files from the WhaleNet listserv

Click here to send your request for joining the WhaleNet listserv.

Click here to access, read and sign-up for the WhaleNet Curriculum Listserv.

Click here to register for and find a directory of WhaleNet Classrooms.

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