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Subject: Story about Salt and Pepper

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The Adventures of Salt and Pepper

By Hannah

I wrote the story The Adventures of Salt and Pepper. I am 7 years old. I am in the 2nd grade. Some kids in my class think I write fast. I thought up S. and P. because we adopted Crystal. My class and I studied whales. I studied the Sperm Whale. Other kids studied the Humpback. Well... BYE!

(Mostly Salt telling the story)

Chapter 1

About Salt

Hi! This is Salt. I decided to come here because I want to tell you about myself. I like to breech and play. My Mother, Crystaleela, was in the Walimipics. She won the silver medal for swimming of course! I am a humpback whale.

Chapter 2

About Pepper

Hi! This is Pepper. I came here to talk about myself. I like to breech and play. My Mother, Crystal, was in the Walimpics for the most active swimming. I am a Humpback whale.

Chapter 3

How We Met

I met Pepper when I was swimming toward Pepper's house. Her house was made of coral reef. So is mine. She looked out the window and went rushing out of her house. She said, "Hi! My name is Pepper! What's yours?" "Salt," I said. "Since our names are opposites, we could be friends!" Pepper said. "Great," I said. "The adventures of Salt and Pepper," we both said in unison.

Chapter 4

Our Adventures Begin

Our adventures begin 5 years later. When I was 12, Pepper and I went out for the afternoon. We swam 2 miles away from Pepper's house. We were dancin' and playin' and all this fun stuff. But then, we saw a big dark shadow.

Chapter 5

The Squid

We figured the big dark shadow was A GIANT SQUID. We swam to Pepper's house as fast as we could. We made it back in 10 minutes. But the next day, I didn't feel great.

Chapter 6


What Pepper and I figured that I was GOING TO HAVE A CALF! He came out. I was SO HAPPY! I decided to name him Crystal because of his flukes.

Chapter 7

Crystal is like me. He likes to breech and play. He wants to be in the Walimpics on the one that you dive VERY DEEP. When he grows up, he says he wants to be against the sperm whale. They dive 1,600 feet deep! He says when he grows up, he will dive 2,000 feet deep.

Chapter 8

Scuba Diving

On a nice ocean day, Crystal turned 2 years old. To celebrate, we went scuba diving. Pepper went too. We swam 10 miles to Pepper's house. Then we went DIVING! We wanted Crystal to win the Walimpics. So we let him practice. He was right. He could dive 1,600 feet deep! We were so proud of him. Then we swam up to get a breath of air. Then we swam the 10 miles back to our house.

Chapter 9


On the way back home, we saw a boat! We got caught in a net, ALL THREE OF US! Crystal had a good technique. She dove very deep. Then she went under the boat to the other side! She made it! We did the same thing!

Chapter 10


We were so happy to be out of that net. Now you'll see what comes next....
Chapter 11


Crystal was breaching and breaching. I decided to join the breaching. Pepper decided to join the fun! We were havin' a good ol' time. We haven't done this in years! Then after a while we decided to go home.

Chapter 12

Scubin' Again

We went the eight miles back to Pepper's house. It was a great day! "Sweet dreams Crystal." "Good night, Ma." Then we all went to sleep.

Chapter 13

That's All Folks

So that's my story. If you can make some more up, that's fine...