The 1999 Humpback Whale Names

Where: New England Aquarium, Boston, MA. It's to be held in the Education Center conference room, in the parking garage.
When: Saturday, March 25, 2000; Noon for perusing; 2 pm for playing "Who Want's To Be a Whale Namer?".
Why: How may good opportunities do you get to harass Mercer?
How: For some ideas visit here...
Format: We'll be experimenting with a new naming format this year...please give some feedback on this 'friendlier approach'.

To confirm your participation, or for more information, please call our office at 978-281-6351, fax us at 978-281-5666, or e-mail us ahead of time.

Please be advised that alcohol is not allowed in the facility; however, we are very close to The Black Rose and many other sources of amber beverages for the period following the "official" festvities.

Scans of the new whales will be posted on this site after March 1, with additions continuing up to the day of the party. These can be viewed online, downloaded, etc. For $10 we are also offering a CD-ROM with all of the new whale's scans at a higher resolution (150 dots per inch) than available on the web. These will not be available until after the party, but can be ordered and paid for at the party. A list of all given names will be posted at this web site following the party.

Note that the naming process will take place just as it has in other years; you can not suggest names by e-mail!

But first, maybe you should check out humpback whale names already taken (through 1999). A-M & N-Z

On To The Whales! (last update, 4/5/00)