ED 654: Field Study in Marine Science

Wheelock College
Boston, Massachusetts
3 Graduate Credits


When: January, February, March and April, 1999
(Between January through April 1999.)
Week long sessions aboard the R/V Wind Dancer on the
Silver Bank Marine Sanctuary, Dominican Republic

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Summary and Course Description:

Learn about North Atlantic humpback whales on the Silver Bank Sanctuary where the largest concentration of Humpback whales in the world gather to mate and calve. Conservative estimates believe that 4-6,000 humpbacks will pass through this sanctuary during these months.

Research on reproduction, animal behavior, acoustics, humpback whale songs, photo-identification, mother/calve pairs, rowdy groups competition is well documented. Participants will be given a required comprehensive reading assignment.

As an independent study, full student participation will be required. An understanding of the above topics as well as, an understanding of general research methods, and data assimilation and analysis will be studied. These guides will assist the student in the design of his/her research or education project.

Development of a final project may include acoustic studies, habitat utilization, and or behaviors. Projects should be supplemented with an extensive literature search and photographic essay. This field study course is NOT a course in Wildlife photography.

For example, the final product may be a teaching unit on marine mammals or marine sanctuaries, an article to submit to a professional journal, or a report on a specific point of interest in your research.

For additonal information about the vessel and additional costs:

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