WhaleNet/MICS Data
Blue Whale

Research Observations for February, 2000
Baja, Sea of Cortez Area

Date Time Latitude Longitude Sighting
Feb. 3 9:25 25 47 37 111 06 02 Blue Whale
Feb. 4 10:12 25 51 55 111 10 00 Orca Pod
Feb. 5 8:52 25 40 50 111 07 15 Blue Whale
Feb.9 8: 33 26 18 36 111 17 54 Blue Whale
Feb. 9 10:46 26 23 18 111 15 88 2nd Blue Whale

The Orca pod consisted of 18-20 individuals including 4 males, another male whose dorsal was getting there but not yet the distinctive enormous fin, 2 juveniles, and 11-13 females or immature males, the scene of them killing a Brydes whale in 48 minutes was unforgettable. ... I was lucky to arrive when the whale was still fine, the sea was flat mirror calm the whole day, I stayed with the pod for 6 and a half hours after the kill, they were friendly beyond anything I imagined. I petted one across the head five times and another came to the surface 7 times as a patted the water and opened it's mouth just beneath my hand each of the 7 times, this was videoed by a boat mate. The whale tried to avoid the Orcas using us and bumped the boat once as Orcas erupted from the water all around us. Mike this was a truly exceptional encounter, actually it was just simply amazing.

Michael Fishbach

Map A of Fixes
Map B of Fixes
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Blue Whale
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