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What's New on WhaleNet

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We are constantly adding to this web-site. Our What's New page features some of the most recent additions. Check back often.

NEW Active Satellite Tags. (AND Data from over 65 satellite tagged marine animals).

Right Whale Data and Information . -- look for more.

HURRICANE Information and Maps, Red Cross Disaster Relief

Gray Whale Migration Information (ACS)

See the cruise of the North Atlantic in search of the rare Northern Right Whale with Michael Moore from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, The "Crew" and his family. Study Guide, Maps, Log and more...

Interesting, BUT not so new!!!

Articles on WhaleNet and Michael Williamson

Research Papers based on WhaleNet Projects

NOAA Whale Watch Guidelines and humpback sightings

Blue Whale Research Observations with the Mingan Island Cetacean Study.

Blue Whale Info on using WhaleNet and Mingan Island Cetacean Study Projects.

Gray Whale Migration . (Gray Whale Deaths)

Satellite Tagging Information Links

Satellite Tagging Program General Information
Information on Satellite Tags and Tagging
"How to interpret Satellite Tagging Data" to assist with your analysis and use of the data.
Questions and Activities to use with the satellite tagging data.
Blank Maps for your use in tracking tagged animals.

Recovery Plans from NMFS for selected Species of Whales

LSC 335 Environmental Impacts class page on Boston's new Deer Island Sewage Treatment Plant and Massachusetts Bay

Curriculum Units & Lesson Plans - UPDATED: A variety of WhaleNet curricula resources and high interest reading materials, plus other marine education lessons.

Humpback Fluke Photo-id Curriculum Unit

Salt ACCESS Photographs and Sighting Histories of HUMPBACK WHALES from the Gulf of Maine population with the WhaleNet online data base.

WhaleNet CDROMORDER The NEW WhaleNet Guide to Whales and Marine Mammals of the North Atlantic Ocean CD-ROM

The 2002 Right Whale Program began December 1998. See the 1998 and 1997 Right Whale Sightings, Biopsy Research Information and Research Logs from the Right Whale Conservation Program at New England Aquarium Early Warning System on the Florida-Georgia Border. Education Unit that parallels the Early Warning System data and information.

Right Whale Radio Tracking Reports and Maps from the Fla/Ga calving area.

Summer Professional Development with WhaleNet's Field Study in Natural Science and Methods in Teaching Natural Sciences course. July/August for two one-week sessions. Week One focuses on content while the Week Two focuses on teaching methods to use the materials in the classroom. Learn marine sciences while focusing on the whale populations in Massachusetts Bay, and other locations around the world.

NOAA Marine Sanctuaries and Right Whale Links
NOAA Marine Sanctuaries
NOAA/NMFS Northern Right Whale Sighting Information, Northeast
1997-2002 Right Whale Alerts
Right Whale Reports, Southeast USA

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